Penguin Necklace - Handpainted With Netted Orange, White, And Black Accents

  • $45.00

This is Segwin named while I was creating him. He is a a white, black, and orange painted pendant. I used a topaz swarovski crystal for his eye.

The cords are black 100% silk and knotted like a fish net. I have woven in glass white and glass marble orange beads that give it really classy look and feel.

The knotting technique is very time consuming. If you add in beads, each side takes about 45 minutes to knot in place. The necklace measures at a little over 20 inches from end to end. The knots are sealed at the end so they will not come apart. The necklace can be shortened but not lengthened. If you would like it shortened, it will take an extra day to complete the work

**I do not recommend you wear this while showering or swimming. The chlorine and water will damage the necklace over time. If you happen to get it wet, make sure the cord dies out completely before storing.

My shipping cost is for first class mail and a gift box

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