About Us

From the owner

I opened my first online store in 2004 with a new company called Etsy. The store specialized in jewelry and accessories. I decided after years on Etsy to rebrand and open my online store.

I was into LuLaRoe and their clothing designs which made me feel good about myself for the first time in a long time. I almost signed up with them, but I have never liked MLM's. As time went on, I found that their views do not align with my own.

By day, I was a graphic designer, so I decided to use my creativity with jewelry and design to launch my own clothing company. Mode Motif merged with my former jewelry company.

You might wonder why Mode Motif? The Mode is French for fashion and Motif is an French word for pattern. The logo features a heart with puzzle pieces in the middle, and a semicolon in place of the letter I. Anything you see with a puzzle piece, butterfly, or semi-colon will be used to donate to Autism Research Institute and Project Semicolon. Items eligible for donation are marked.  I will also begun donating when selling leggings from the awareness line.  The items that are giving donations are marked with where the donation is going.