Cat Life Green Ombre Printed Leggings Work Hard Cat Pockets- Cat Sliding, Cats with Attitude Cat Lover / Cat Pants / Cat RTS

  • $34.99

The cat is holding on for dear life as he clings to the word Meow. The rest of the cats featured with various attitude. Don't pet turns to pet me pet me pet me, no touchie turns to play bites. All cat owners can relate. Cats are a pain but we love them just the same.

These leggings are ready to ship and feature a vivid all-over design, large pockets, and a a high waistband for lasting comfort.

High yoga waistband offers a comfortable fit
92 polyester/8%spandex
***For sizing there is usually a size chart with the following options.***
OS which fits a jeans size 2-12 or S-M
TC which fits jeans size 14-22 or L-1X
TC2 which fits jeans size 24-30 or 2X-4X
Tween which fits jeans 0-2 or XXS-XS

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